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“What difference at this point does it make…” or translated, ‘What does it matter.’

By david Zacarte, May 27 2014 06:27PM

“What difference at this point does it make…” or translated, ‘What does it matter.’ There’re figures in history and recent times who undoubtedly would take back these few words. And I know personally dozens of businesses, but sure there’re thousands more, whom also would like to take back similar words and or actions. Unfortunately for many businesses the “parade has passed them by.”

Long before Hillary used the quote above and countless times after, do I continue to hear business owners say, ‘What does it matter’ if I have a website and or Internet marketing. But the clock is ticking, time is eating away at the prosperous future of your business. The millennium bells have tolled for you and thy business. Prosper not, Prosper not harm you.

The question isn’t ‘What does it matter.’ The question you should ask yourself is, “What am I losing without a website plus marketing?” What is the up and down? The up, added business, your important connection first impression made over the Internet. The Internet is, now and forever the most used format the consumer connects to a service or product. The Internet has exceeded word of mouth through websites, marketing and social media. No one tells a friend, “Ate at a great restaurant last night.” They text it, email mail it, instant gram it and video it for You Tube. Facebook it, blog it and LinkedIn it.

Millennial customers will share a good experience. Immediately on sharing their experience, the recipient of their transmission quickly searches the Internet for your Web-Presence. No Presence, no new connection or customer. The millennial shopper won’t waste another thought on your business if not found on the Internet. Maybe a friendly reminder from the friend who introduced the high rating of your business. Otherwise, no cigar. Now, does that matter?

The down, what down? Cost isn’t a reason with plenty of website design and marketing companies to choose from, including self-service website design services. Which design and marketing company is best for your business? Why Media DUCK Global of course. But take a moment to talk with other website design and marketing businesses. Ask questions and compare. You’ll know when you’ve made, the Right Connection for your business whether Media DUCK Global or another company.

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