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2016 is promising for businesses…

By david Zacarte, Apr 27 2016 01:04PM

2016 is promising for businesses…

Traditionally Presidential election years can be slow growth for small to large businesses and even a no growth year. This in part, is due to the insecurity of political presidential choices. The candidate’s promises can be positive and or dismaying. 2016 is definitely a year of political confusion and dismay regardless of what side of the fence you sit on. Yet 2016 is promising.

2016 is promising because regardless of your presidential choice, change is coming and you can be positive about that. In 2016 two-thirds of business advertising and marketing is internet based with one-third traditional marketing. That should mean major cost savings in your ad budget, again a positive in 2016. I’m a believer in the coalescence of internet/digital and conventional marketing strategies, use your dollars well. Expand your conventional marketing some, with your new found digital marketing savings.

David Schlatter

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