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A Coalescence

By david Zacarte, Feb 1 2015 09:38PM

With 40 plus years of marketing experience I still find promoting Client Brands into sales dollars challenging and exciting. I don’t believe the difficulty or challenges are any greater than that of marketing businesses 10-30 years ago. The success of marketing your business and or Brand in today’s world of the Internet follows suit with techniques from pre-Internet strategies. You can debate, but I’m correct.

Successful Marketing in 2015 is a coalescence of Analogue and Digital Marketing. You need a merger of conventional and virtual marketing plans to have a successful strategy in selling your services and or products. Upstart and businesses under (2) years old will have the most difficult time growing or even continuing their business without a successful coalescence of Analogue and Digital Marketing. Older businesses of more years may have time if they wish for whatever reason, wait it out before dealing with new world marketing strategies. But you haven’t much time. And you risk a real conventional loss.

Follow me and we’ll pick up this topic and discussion in my next post.

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