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Spring Clean your Web-Presence

By david Zacarte, May 12 2014 09:12PM

Spring cleaning doesn’t apply to the home only. It can be of value to your business to take time and spring clean your existing website as well. If you’re a business with an existing Static (No changes or updates) Website for the past (6) months or longer. It’s time to do some Spring Cleaning.

Here are a few areas of your website you can Spring Clean:

Home Page of your website: move or remove excessive text. Tighten, rewrite what text you leave on Home Page. Be aware of passive verbs and Bog index. Add new in place of older content. Add or replace picture-perfect graphics. Add Bullet Points with links to the home page.

About Us Page of your website: it's likely there’s time sensitive content on your About Us Page, Bio Page and or History Pages that need updating. Visitors to your website are loss when they view out-of-date content.

Product Page(s): Update your Product or Services Pages. Often business owners and website designers fail to update products with newer updated photos, pricing and descriptions. New products that have never made it to your website and or Product Pages and a Home Page that reflect newer products and services are essential. Adding a video could turn views into sales.

Gallery Page: a sure way to lose website visitors is by displaying outdated photos in your gallery. This tells your potential new customer, your information is out of date therefore unreliable. What does that say about your business? If your website currently has a Gallery Page, it needs updating also.

Contact Page: be sure your contact information is current. More times than not. When building a new website for a new client with a current website, their Contact Page information is incorrect.

Either you or your website designer can make these changes in short time. Taking the time, making the effort to apply these and other Spring Clean updates will add to the benefit of having a website. (15) Seconds if that, is all you have to garner a serious web-visitor’s curiosity to stay and view other pages of your website potentially converting into a sale.

It's a faster more creative world of communication we work in. Your potential customers indeed will come by-way of your web-presence. Don’t ignore your important and least expensive tool for marketing, your website. Seize the moment to Spring clean and reap the reward of a fresh, clean and updated website (Web-presence).

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