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By david Zacarte, Mar 15 2015 09:40PM

Before discussing a coalescence of analogue and digital marketing strategies for new and young businesses. I want to share with owners of older and established business. Those many years senior to the new and younger business of only a couple of years. Here’re a couple of points as to why having a professional website for your business is important.

Value of your business at the time you retire and or sell will be affected by a minimum of 20% plus if you don’t have a website. Often it’s considerably more depending on your industry type. Most likely the person purchasing your business will be of the X or Millennial generation. They know, live and breathe the value of the World Wide Web. The idea of purchasing a business with no or worse a poor Internet presence is unthinkable regardless of the years of success your business has had. It won’t calculate in the future. And the future is here.

As the age of your targeted demographic engulfs more of the X and Millennial’s generations your business’s current prosperity will begin a sudden and quick decline. You’ll blame the economy and numerous other possibilities. But the fact will be the same for you as for millions of other business owners. You procrastinated your opportunities and future away, simply by not having a simple yet highly valued by 21st century standards, website for your business.

As with the value of your business discussed in the above previous point. The younger in mind-set to the Internet (X & Mill’s) are now your customers and potential customers and they’ll and are shopping and searching for your services and or products how? You know. The World Wide Web. How will they find your business? Oh you say by word of mouth like the last (20-30) years. Got news for you. Word of mouth today is called Social Media. And Social Media is on the World Wide Web. And your Business Website is part of that new circle of life.

**If you have a current website be sure to discuss with your developer keeping it up to date and refreshed with new information, call to actions, products and services displayed and well listed. There’s much more to know, but a good website design and marketing company will know how to advise and what to do to keep you and your business at the top of your game.

Until next, I’m: David Schlatter at Media DUCK Global.

By david Zacarte, Feb 1 2015 09:38PM

With 40 plus years of marketing experience I still find promoting Client Brands into sales dollars challenging and exciting. I don’t believe the difficulty or challenges are any greater than that of marketing businesses 10-30 years ago. The success of marketing your business and or Brand in today’s world of the Internet follows suit with techniques from pre-Internet strategies. You can debate, but I’m correct.

Successful Marketing in 2015 is a coalescence of Analogue and Digital Marketing. You need a merger of conventional and virtual marketing plans to have a successful strategy in selling your services and or products. Upstart and businesses under (2) years old will have the most difficult time growing or even continuing their business without a successful coalescence of Analogue and Digital Marketing. Older businesses of more years may have time if they wish for whatever reason, wait it out before dealing with new world marketing strategies. But you haven’t much time. And you risk a real conventional loss.

Follow me and we’ll pick up this topic and discussion in my next post.

By david Zacarte, Sep 22 2014 04:44PM

Increase the Value of Your Business by 20% in less than a Year.

With the growth and foreseeable future of the Internet in 2000 and 2001, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) changed how businesses can define intangible assets with the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards 141. It’s only a matter of time before the IRS adjusts for a business’s virtual intangibles relevant to a business’s value.

Many businesses already reap the Reward of owning a professional built interactive, user friendly, analytic website for their business. First Reward of owning a professional website, the most affordable, least costly form of marketing your business. Second Reward, the connectivity between your current and potential customers 24/7, with immediate cost savings. Third Reward, the immediate increase in the value of your business. (There are considerably more Rewards to having a business website. For the purpose of this article we’re only focusing on website value to business resale value.)

The minimal website value to business resale value is 20%. With many businesses reaching near 100% of total resale value through their website. Since many businesses have reached the 100% resale value via their website, such as non-inventoried mail order and publishing businesses as examples. Therefore, using current accounting Standards and market trends. Valuating your business resale value up by 20% determined by the overall value of your website, is facing head-on the reality of the 21st Century digital world. On the other hand businesses without a professional, brand/image, marketed, and analytic user friendly website, may be devalued by a minimum of 20%.

You want to retire or simply sell your business for a variety of reasons. John Doe walks in and asks your price. John Doe is 20-45 years of age. Next question from John Doe is, do you have a website for your business? As fast as you’re giving the answer with URL to your website, John Doe is viewing your website on his smartphone or tablet. Most likely and I guarantee, he’s Googling, Yahooing and or Binging your business website. Immediately he knows the ranking for your website, its speed, functionality to customer satisfaction (Primarily his) and a host of other important values relevant to a business website in today's rural, urban and world markets. John Doe will accept your price or a lower counter-offer based on what your current Web-Presence is. (Web-Presence is inclusive of but not limited to: Website graphics, User friendliness, analytics, SEO, Content, Interactivity or not, Speed, Layout, Linkage and more.)

Before you ask me the question, I can already give you the answer, NO! You can’t suddenly build your own or have a professional build a website for your business to immediately gain value and interest from a potential buyer of your business. Simply asking for your website’s analytics will tell the buyer all the facts about your website’s performance (At least in part. A large part.) The immediate value added to your business’s resale value from having a website is fact. But months and years of Web-Presence is vital to a registered value of 20% or better. However, having a professional website at all, is the first start and a bump in your business’s value, based on the website itself.

• Build a website yourself: 1-2% immediate value to business’s resale value.

• Have a friend or relative build your website: 1-5% immediate value to business’s resale value.

• A Professional website built: 10% +, immediate value to business’s resale value. This could be considerably higher based on the nature, industry and or geo-demographics of your business.

By david Zacarte, Jul 29 2014 09:13PM

All too often do businesses and organizations have their website built then pay no attention to it afterwards. It’s easy to fall into the ideology of ‘Field of Dreams” “If I have it built, customers will come.” This has led to unsatisfied clients of website design companies. Frustrated with the lack of apparent success from their business website.

As a business owner with a website there’re several items you should weigh. Your business website is the least expensive while the most successful form of advertising and marketing you have. Understanding accepting faith this, is important to the success of your website. Applying the same time and principles to your website as you do older more comfortable conventional advertising and marketing is a first step.

The Virtual World is as real as the sign above your business’s door displaying your Name and Logo. Its a world based on faith. Faith based because you can’t touch it nor is it, right in front of you as the front door of your business. The Virtual World which encompasses your business website boggles the mind. Its non-logical to our normal conscious awareness, therefore doesn’t make good business sense. However, the Internet is real, here to stay, the first impression most potential customers of your business will have of your business.

Applying the same conventional advertising skills you have successfully used over the years on your business website, will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars yearly. Well placed marketing dollars on your website’s search optimization and promotion will result in year over year increases to your sales.

By david Zacarte, Jun 16 2014 06:57PM

I had a great Father’s Day hope you did as well. As a father and grandfather it’s always grand hearing from or better yet have children visiting you on Father’s Day. What I find most comforting on Father’s Day is not only the calls and visitors I receive. But I take comfort in knowing the daughters and grandchildren are proudly sharing a Father’s Day and or weekend with their Husband/Dads, my sons-in-law.

It brings happiness to my heart knowing of the care and love my daughters and grandchildren receive from the men whom they are celebrating Father’s Day and or weekend with. My oldest son from California visited me this weekend for Father’s Day. I know at some point he too will share Father’s Day in a special way with his wife and family. Isn’t this in part, called the circle of life?

Yes and no. Our family made up of children at home, son-in laws, daughters and grandchildren share a real and common thread. Not the feats of an earthly father. Rather, we share a great and loving heavenly Father from whom we get our strength and resolve to make it through good and difficult times. It's the happiness and faith we share in God that holds together as a family. Not the frail and at time delicate threads of our weak humanity.

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