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By david Zacarte, Jul 24 2017 12:16PM

When building and or having a website built. It’s essential to have original content. The design and layout of your website are the brick and mortar(Storefront) of your website’s presence on the Internet. The content posted on your website is your inventory.

It’s your website content and not your website design that Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and thousands of others, index your website for ranking and or placement. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) crawlers that sweep your website, use your content to properly index your business website into the correct, internet search categories, to be found by your potential new customers.

Website content shouldn’t be flowery or creative, but concise and simple. After all, you can own the most impressive looking restaurant from the outside and inside. But if the food is no good, customers won’t stay and or comeback to visit. If your website is hard to understand, or clearly doesn’t state what you do, then inventory your products and services so potential customers visiting your website/storefront, can relate to it, in 15 seconds or less.

David Schlatter

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By david Zacarte, May 20 2014 04:02PM

The world has become a social digital society. It's here, no doubt about it. With plenty of social media forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to mention a few bigger players. Plus a multitude of other social media websites to choose from or add to your everyday opportunity of opining, gossiping and more. I believe Hedda Hopper would’ve given anything to have the direct pipeline to millions everyone has access to today.

Yesterday my wife, youngest son and I saw Godzilla. We enjoyed the movie yet something bothered me. Why San Francisco couldn’t evacuate before Godzilla and MUTO fight it out. With speed of light transmissions, instant gram, Facebook, You Tube and every other social media source how it is possible to not have had an early warning. After all, my wife and I found out through Facebook before we received the call, our youngest daughter’s engagement. The Neighbors knock-down dragged-outfight is all over the social media before the police arrive. At (30) knots it would have taken Godzilla (67) hours. Nearly 3-days to arrive in the Bay. Granted MUTO flew, but the destruction didn’t begin for at least two days.

My point, yes millions use social media. But like baseball, if a ball thrown to first base on a single run and there’s no first baseman to catch it. What’s the point? Social Media Marketing sent at the right time, with the right content caught by the right person. (3) Rights, make it RIGHT Marketing.

How’s your Social Media Marketing working? RIGHT, I hope.

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