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By david Zacarte, Nov 18 2013 03:00PM


Your customer, or consumer for whom you’ve built your website, is not the same end-user, of 12-18 months ago. The end-user now reacts with your website differently than just months ago.

Media DUCK Global, as with other Website Design and Marketing firms, find ourselves continually challenged to meet end user preferences, like the growing number of baby boomers now using higher-tech mobile devices, yet with varying degrees of savvy.

How an 18-52 year old end user interacts with a website is different than that of the Baby Boomer.

The Boomer vs. the 18-50 market challenge:

The challenge is creating an effective website design and user contact that works with the older baby boomer and the growing high-tech, high-use 18-52 market. The Baby boomer market will always do better with a website that offers extreme user-friendliness and much informative content. On the other hand the 18-52 market wants clean to the point, (bullet point, best) pictures and quick interactivity.

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