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By david Zacarte, Mar 15 2015 09:40PM

Before discussing a coalescence of analogue and digital marketing strategies for new and young businesses. I want to share with owners of older and established business. Those many years senior to the new and younger business of only a couple of years. Here’re a couple of points as to why having a professional website for your business is important.

Value of your business at the time you retire and or sell will be affected by a minimum of 20% plus if you don’t have a website. Often it’s considerably more depending on your industry type. Most likely the person purchasing your business will be of the X or Millennial generation. They know, live and breathe the value of the World Wide Web. The idea of purchasing a business with no or worse a poor Internet presence is unthinkable regardless of the years of success your business has had. It won’t calculate in the future. And the future is here.

As the age of your targeted demographic engulfs more of the X and Millennial’s generations your business’s current prosperity will begin a sudden and quick decline. You’ll blame the economy and numerous other possibilities. But the fact will be the same for you as for millions of other business owners. You procrastinated your opportunities and future away, simply by not having a simple yet highly valued by 21st century standards, website for your business.

As with the value of your business discussed in the above previous point. The younger in mind-set to the Internet (X & Mill’s) are now your customers and potential customers and they’ll and are shopping and searching for your services and or products how? You know. The World Wide Web. How will they find your business? Oh you say by word of mouth like the last (20-30) years. Got news for you. Word of mouth today is called Social Media. And Social Media is on the World Wide Web. And your Business Website is part of that new circle of life.

**If you have a current website be sure to discuss with your developer keeping it up to date and refreshed with new information, call to actions, products and services displayed and well listed. There’s much more to know, but a good website design and marketing company will know how to advise and what to do to keep you and your business at the top of your game.

Until next, I’m: David Schlatter at Media DUCK Global.

By david Zacarte, Nov 18 2013 03:00PM


Your customer, or consumer for whom you’ve built your website, is not the same end-user, of 12-18 months ago. The end-user now reacts with your website differently than just months ago.

Media DUCK Global, as with other Website Design and Marketing firms, find ourselves continually challenged to meet end user preferences, like the growing number of baby boomers now using higher-tech mobile devices, yet with varying degrees of savvy.

How an 18-52 year old end user interacts with a website is different than that of the Baby Boomer.

The Boomer vs. the 18-50 market challenge:

The challenge is creating an effective website design and user contact that works with the older baby boomer and the growing high-tech, high-use 18-52 market. The Baby boomer market will always do better with a website that offers extreme user-friendliness and much informative content. On the other hand the 18-52 market wants clean to the point, (bullet point, best) pictures and quick interactivity.

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