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By david Zacarte, May 6 2014 02:59PM

All too often calls come into my office from business owners frustrated with their current website designer. And after some discussion its clear 50% of the issue is with the business I’m consulting. There are plenty of legit complaints about website designers and the fact most website designers are home-based desktop publishers, makes it real. But facts are, there are plenty of great home-based website designers, so what’s up.

Communication. Business owners and company executives are busy, no question. But seemingly, little be known by the business owner or company executive, is that website designers are equally busy. Communication whether building a new website or keeping a current website is a two-way street, not one-way. My point. Before seeking out a new website design firm or desktop publisher, ask yourself this; “Have I been having a two-way communication or one-way (incoming) communication with my website designer.

Deal with your website woes easily, one phone call, good communication. At Media DUCK Global we’d like your business, but we’d like to see your best address for success, succeed with whom your ties lay. If not, we’re here to serve.

Good Luck.

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