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By david Zacarte, Jun 16 2014 06:57PM

I had a great Father’s Day hope you did as well. As a father and grandfather it’s always grand hearing from or better yet have children visiting you on Father’s Day. What I find most comforting on Father’s Day is not only the calls and visitors I receive. But I take comfort in knowing the daughters and grandchildren are proudly sharing a Father’s Day and or weekend with their Husband/Dads, my sons-in-law.

It brings happiness to my heart knowing of the care and love my daughters and grandchildren receive from the men whom they are celebrating Father’s Day and or weekend with. My oldest son from California visited me this weekend for Father’s Day. I know at some point he too will share Father’s Day in a special way with his wife and family. Isn’t this in part, called the circle of life?

Yes and no. Our family made up of children at home, son-in laws, daughters and grandchildren share a real and common thread. Not the feats of an earthly father. Rather, we share a great and loving heavenly Father from whom we get our strength and resolve to make it through good and difficult times. It's the happiness and faith we share in God that holds together as a family. Not the frail and at time delicate threads of our weak humanity.

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