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By david Zacarte, Nov 18 2013 03:00PM


Your customer, or consumer for whom you’ve built your website, is not the same end-user, of 12-18 months ago. The end-user now reacts with your website differently than just months ago.

Media DUCK Global, as with other Website Design and Marketing firms, find ourselves continually challenged to meet end user preferences, like the growing number of baby boomers now using higher-tech mobile devices, yet with varying degrees of savvy.

How an 18-52 year old end user interacts with a website is different than that of the Baby Boomer.

The Boomer vs. the 18-50 market challenge:

The challenge is creating an effective website design and user contact that works with the older baby boomer and the growing high-tech, high-use 18-52 market. The Baby boomer market will always do better with a website that offers extreme user-friendliness and much informative content. On the other hand the 18-52 market wants clean to the point, (bullet point, best) pictures and quick interactivity.

By david Zacarte, Aug 12 2013 03:00PM


Let’s Review Internet Technology as its the here and now of marketing your products and services in Tucson, Arizona. It's only important and relevant to review and discuss what’s changed over the past 12 months or so. IT has changed more over the past year, than over the previous 20+ years in it has changed marketing for small and large businesses alike.

Change summed up in one word, ‘mobile.’ With advanced and hastened development of mobile smartphones and tablets created from sharp competition. Website design and Internet Marketing firms like Media DUCK Global who serve Tucson businesses. May have and/or need to Review, Rethink, Act and Rank client’s website designs and marketing tactics.

The baby boomer generation of which I’m a proud part of, has made an About-FACE on the use of smart devices. What older parents and grandparents had refused to spend on costly high-end user smart devices and service plans their children and grandchildren on a Grand –scale have gifted them. Likewise, once viewed as a learning curve issue that older parents and grandparents wished to not face. Children and grandchildren of the BB generation have willingly reeducated us. It’s fun to communicate to grandpa and grandma with Face-Time or Skype, instant message a million different ways, text and email each other using the newer smart devices. It’s here and now.

The end result adds up to this. With the decline and death of the mini notebook and slow PC sales from a surge in smartphone and tablet sales. 80% of Media DUCK Global’s (400+) clients are seeing website visits of 35%-42% coming from smart devices. Up from 0% to 20% less than two years ago and the number is climbing. Our clients sold just under 100 million in sales by their websites last year. (2012) Because of aggressive, progressive and conceptional marketing due to the way end-users and consumers look at their websites in the here and now, this year will be even greater.

My question to you, are you in the ‘Here and Now’? Likewise is your website and internet marketing in the ‘Here and Now’?

By david Zacarte, Jul 16 2013 03:00PM


Tomorrow could be to late, seriously, tomorrow could be too late. There has been more advancement in technology, software development and technology retail products over the last (12) months, than over the past 20 years. Nearly as advanced and closing the gap is the World Wide Web. (Internet) What was once the great divide between the Internet and technology has changed how your customers will view your business in the 21st century.

Yet, the Web and Technology are two of three reasons business owners, corporate executives, civic, political, church and nonprofit organizations need to rethink their respective Web-Presence. Reason three, the End User and customer. The 21st century End User, customer or consumer relate to your website differently than (2) years ago. The marketplace has changed that fast and industry professionals say it will cap as fast, by 2016.

There are several elements whether by design or purposeful that has created lifestyle changes in the 21st century that have significantly changed the End User, customer and consumer forever.

· Digital Gaming

· Texting

· Online Media (Entertainment and Social)

· Education

I will offer over the next few weeks my humble perspective on each of the three reasons Technology, Internet and End-User… including the (4) listed bullet points regarding the End-User, customer and consumer. And why all make it necessary to Review, Rethink, Act and Rank with regards to your business’s current or no Web-Presence.

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