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By david Zacarte, Jul 29 2014 09:13PM

All too often do businesses and organizations have their website built then pay no attention to it afterwards. It’s easy to fall into the ideology of ‘Field of Dreams” “If I have it built, customers will come.” This has led to unsatisfied clients of website design companies. Frustrated with the lack of apparent success from their business website.

As a business owner with a website there’re several items you should weigh. Your business website is the least expensive while the most successful form of advertising and marketing you have. Understanding accepting faith this, is important to the success of your website. Applying the same time and principles to your website as you do older more comfortable conventional advertising and marketing is a first step.

The Virtual World is as real as the sign above your business’s door displaying your Name and Logo. Its a world based on faith. Faith based because you can’t touch it nor is it, right in front of you as the front door of your business. The Virtual World which encompasses your business website boggles the mind. Its non-logical to our normal conscious awareness, therefore doesn’t make good business sense. However, the Internet is real, here to stay, the first impression most potential customers of your business will have of your business.

Applying the same conventional advertising skills you have successfully used over the years on your business website, will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars yearly. Well placed marketing dollars on your website’s search optimization and promotion will result in year over year increases to your sales.

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