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By david Zacarte, Jan 27 2017 04:46PM

There’re many questions you should ask yourself and more importantly your website designer/developer/marketer as we kick-off the new year. I’ve three questions below as examples.

What do my website analytics tell us about how the site is trafficking and marketing?

If your website designer/developer has you on any kind of marketing plan, then they must also have your business website accumulating monthly analytics. This is important, accessing how well your website is doing and how it converts hits into customers is vital to your business and website’s ongoing development. Your business website analytics can track what country, state, city, the type of device used to view your website and the flow from page to page, including time spent on each. This plus a lot more can help your web-professional with pro-active and aggressive optimization and user experience satisfaction that will provide greater dollars to your bottom-line. We can all use that.

Does the home page of my website meet the (15sec.) rule?

You have 15 seconds to connect with your online visitor, if what they see doesn’t excite, inspire or make them curious, then ask your website designer/ developer to adjust the appearance, Image and brand your website’s Home Page is currently not reflecting. Again, the analytics I mentioned above will tell you how viewers rate your website pages and content. Later this year I’ll address how best to set-up a great Home Page.

Is my website content current?

We are all bad when it comes to keeping our website content current. This should be a daily, weekly or at the least a monthly task by you the business owner and or exec. Letting your website designer/developer know of new sales, inventory, personnel, contact information…etc. is extremely important to keeping your website at the top of any search engine and for the business website to do what it’s built for, new customer stream and serving existing customers.

If your website designer/developer is a marketing professional as we are at Media DUCK & david media solutions. Then talk with them about ideas how to best make your website aggressive at marketing your products and or services in 2017.

While this is only a summary of the ‘three questions to ask’. I hope it helps and encourages you to act immediately in making your website all it can be.

As always, If I can be of service personally, I’m but a phone call and or email away.

All the best

David Schlatter

Media DUCK Global & david media solutions



By david Zacarte, Mar 15 2015 09:40PM

Before discussing a coalescence of analogue and digital marketing strategies for new and young businesses. I want to share with owners of older and established business. Those many years senior to the new and younger business of only a couple of years. Here’re a couple of points as to why having a professional website for your business is important.

Value of your business at the time you retire and or sell will be affected by a minimum of 20% plus if you don’t have a website. Often it’s considerably more depending on your industry type. Most likely the person purchasing your business will be of the X or Millennial generation. They know, live and breathe the value of the World Wide Web. The idea of purchasing a business with no or worse a poor Internet presence is unthinkable regardless of the years of success your business has had. It won’t calculate in the future. And the future is here.

As the age of your targeted demographic engulfs more of the X and Millennial’s generations your business’s current prosperity will begin a sudden and quick decline. You’ll blame the economy and numerous other possibilities. But the fact will be the same for you as for millions of other business owners. You procrastinated your opportunities and future away, simply by not having a simple yet highly valued by 21st century standards, website for your business.

As with the value of your business discussed in the above previous point. The younger in mind-set to the Internet (X & Mill’s) are now your customers and potential customers and they’ll and are shopping and searching for your services and or products how? You know. The World Wide Web. How will they find your business? Oh you say by word of mouth like the last (20-30) years. Got news for you. Word of mouth today is called Social Media. And Social Media is on the World Wide Web. And your Business Website is part of that new circle of life.

**If you have a current website be sure to discuss with your developer keeping it up to date and refreshed with new information, call to actions, products and services displayed and well listed. There’s much more to know, but a good website design and marketing company will know how to advise and what to do to keep you and your business at the top of your game.

Until next, I’m: David Schlatter at Media DUCK Global.

By david Zacarte, May 27 2014 06:27PM

“What difference at this point does it make…” or translated, ‘What does it matter.’ There’re figures in history and recent times who undoubtedly would take back these few words. And I know personally dozens of businesses, but sure there’re thousands more, whom also would like to take back similar words and or actions. Unfortunately for many businesses the “parade has passed them by.”

Long before Hillary used the quote above and countless times after, do I continue to hear business owners say, ‘What does it matter’ if I have a website and or Internet marketing. But the clock is ticking, time is eating away at the prosperous future of your business. The millennium bells have tolled for you and thy business. Prosper not, Prosper not harm you.

The question isn’t ‘What does it matter.’ The question you should ask yourself is, “What am I losing without a website plus marketing?” What is the up and down? The up, added business, your important connection first impression made over the Internet. The Internet is, now and forever the most used format the consumer connects to a service or product. The Internet has exceeded word of mouth through websites, marketing and social media. No one tells a friend, “Ate at a great restaurant last night.” They text it, email mail it, instant gram it and video it for You Tube. Facebook it, blog it and LinkedIn it.

Millennial customers will share a good experience. Immediately on sharing their experience, the recipient of their transmission quickly searches the Internet for your Web-Presence. No Presence, no new connection or customer. The millennial shopper won’t waste another thought on your business if not found on the Internet. Maybe a friendly reminder from the friend who introduced the high rating of your business. Otherwise, no cigar. Now, does that matter?

The down, what down? Cost isn’t a reason with plenty of website design and marketing companies to choose from, including self-service website design services. Which design and marketing company is best for your business? Why Media DUCK Global of course. But take a moment to talk with other website design and marketing businesses. Ask questions and compare. You’ll know when you’ve made, the Right Connection for your business whether Media DUCK Global or another company.

By david Zacarte, May 12 2014 09:12PM

Spring cleaning doesn’t apply to the home only. It can be of value to your business to take time and spring clean your existing website as well. If you’re a business with an existing Static (No changes or updates) Website for the past (6) months or longer. It’s time to do some Spring Cleaning.

Here are a few areas of your website you can Spring Clean:

Home Page of your website: move or remove excessive text. Tighten, rewrite what text you leave on Home Page. Be aware of passive verbs and Bog index. Add new in place of older content. Add or replace picture-perfect graphics. Add Bullet Points with links to the home page.

About Us Page of your website: it's likely there’s time sensitive content on your About Us Page, Bio Page and or History Pages that need updating. Visitors to your website are loss when they view out-of-date content.

Product Page(s): Update your Product or Services Pages. Often business owners and website designers fail to update products with newer updated photos, pricing and descriptions. New products that have never made it to your website and or Product Pages and a Home Page that reflect newer products and services are essential. Adding a video could turn views into sales.

Gallery Page: a sure way to lose website visitors is by displaying outdated photos in your gallery. This tells your potential new customer, your information is out of date therefore unreliable. What does that say about your business? If your website currently has a Gallery Page, it needs updating also.

Contact Page: be sure your contact information is current. More times than not. When building a new website for a new client with a current website, their Contact Page information is incorrect.

Either you or your website designer can make these changes in short time. Taking the time, making the effort to apply these and other Spring Clean updates will add to the benefit of having a website. (15) Seconds if that, is all you have to garner a serious web-visitor’s curiosity to stay and view other pages of your website potentially converting into a sale.

It's a faster more creative world of communication we work in. Your potential customers indeed will come by-way of your web-presence. Don’t ignore your important and least expensive tool for marketing, your website. Seize the moment to Spring clean and reap the reward of a fresh, clean and updated website (Web-presence).

By david Zacarte, May 6 2014 02:59PM

All too often calls come into my office from business owners frustrated with their current website designer. And after some discussion its clear 50% of the issue is with the business I’m consulting. There are plenty of legit complaints about website designers and the fact most website designers are home-based desktop publishers, makes it real. But facts are, there are plenty of great home-based website designers, so what’s up.

Communication. Business owners and company executives are busy, no question. But seemingly, little be known by the business owner or company executive, is that website designers are equally busy. Communication whether building a new website or keeping a current website is a two-way street, not one-way. My point. Before seeking out a new website design firm or desktop publisher, ask yourself this; “Have I been having a two-way communication or one-way (incoming) communication with my website designer.

Deal with your website woes easily, one phone call, good communication. At Media DUCK Global we’d like your business, but we’d like to see your best address for success, succeed with whom your ties lay. If not, we’re here to serve.

Good Luck.

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