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By david Zacarte, Jan 27 2017 04:46PM

There’re many questions you should ask yourself and more importantly your website designer/developer/marketer as we kick-off the new year. I’ve three questions below as examples.

What do my website analytics tell us about how the site is trafficking and marketing?

If your website designer/developer has you on any kind of marketing plan, then they must also have your business website accumulating monthly analytics. This is important, accessing how well your website is doing and how it converts hits into customers is vital to your business and website’s ongoing development. Your business website analytics can track what country, state, city, the type of device used to view your website and the flow from page to page, including time spent on each. This plus a lot more can help your web-professional with pro-active and aggressive optimization and user experience satisfaction that will provide greater dollars to your bottom-line. We can all use that.

Does the home page of my website meet the (15sec.) rule?

You have 15 seconds to connect with your online visitor, if what they see doesn’t excite, inspire or make them curious, then ask your website designer/ developer to adjust the appearance, Image and brand your website’s Home Page is currently not reflecting. Again, the analytics I mentioned above will tell you how viewers rate your website pages and content. Later this year I’ll address how best to set-up a great Home Page.

Is my website content current?

We are all bad when it comes to keeping our website content current. This should be a daily, weekly or at the least a monthly task by you the business owner and or exec. Letting your website designer/developer know of new sales, inventory, personnel, contact information…etc. is extremely important to keeping your website at the top of any search engine and for the business website to do what it’s built for, new customer stream and serving existing customers.

If your website designer/developer is a marketing professional as we are at Media DUCK & david media solutions. Then talk with them about ideas how to best make your website aggressive at marketing your products and or services in 2017.

While this is only a summary of the ‘three questions to ask’. I hope it helps and encourages you to act immediately in making your website all it can be.

As always, If I can be of service personally, I’m but a phone call and or email away.

All the best

David Schlatter

Media DUCK Global & david media solutions



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